Rain road damage continues to mount; lake closes

After nearly three weeks of rainfall, Montague County road commissioners are scrambling to assess and repair damage all across the county.

Several members of the court said this week, there are still roads under water and they have been unable to assess that damage. All the commissioners have repaired many bridge approaches, only to have them washed away by more rain. Read more about road damage in the weekend News.

On Friday, it also was announced that Lake Bridgeport was closed until further notice due to rising lake waters. All ramps are closed. Lake Amon Carter’s boat ramps also are closed, while Lake Nocona’s ramps are open. See more on this story also in the weekend News.

On Friday the Texas Department of Transportation staff announced the following road information. Farm-to-Market 1806 at Old Bowie Lake IS CLOSED due to more damage on the low water crossing. FM 3206 near Saint Jo is NOW OPEN from road washout. It is open will finish paving when weather will allow.

Pictured above is the collapse of FM 1806 near Old Bowie Lake after heavy rains that fell two weeks ago. TxDOT on Friday announced the road is once again closed due to damage at the low water crossing. (News photo)




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  1. There is one County Commissioner that is not scrambling to do anything!!!! Roads in Precinct 1 were bad even when we were in a drought and they weren’t taken care of then.

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