Commissioners argue over state grant funds


Things got testy Monday between Commissioners Bob Langford and Herman Conway as the two debated using the remainder of state road repair funds before the final year for the grant is up.

Precinct Four’s Langford said he did not want to see any money go unused and he did not want the county to be penalized in any future grant because it did not use them all, while Precinct One’s Conway questioned why he was being singled out.

Montague County received $2.6 million in fall 2014 in the County Transportation Infrastructure grant. The county makes a 20 percent match, which when combined with the grant provides $3,330,160 in funding.

As of Jan. 25 the county has billed $1,797,571.02 in grant-related work and been paid $1,335,741.82. There remains $1,532,588.98 in grant funds. Read the full story in the mid-week News.