Flying High Improvements, customer service paying off for Bowie Municipal Airport

This is the first in a series of articles that are part of the “Build a Better Bowie” campaign exploring positive assets and aspects within our community.


The Bowie Municipal Airport provides an economic impact of nearly $3 million for the area.

That study, completed in 2010 by the University of North Texas Center for Economic Development and Research, calculated the economic impact at $2,949,047. Salary, wages and benefits were impacted $1,662,859 and 28 jobs.

Across the state of Texas, airports create $14.6 billion in economic activity, $3.1 billon in salary, wages and benefits of $3.1 billion and 56,635 permanent jobs.

The data reveals the airport can be a pretty big wheel in the economic machine for Bowie, and that has only increased in the ensuing years due to improvements and increased air traffic.

The City of Bowie first applied to build an airport in February 1963 with the master plan approved in January 1964. The first airport manager was hired on Oct. 29, 1968, with the airport opened soon thereafter.

Through the years the airport has extended the runaway, made major improvements with its directional technology and expanded hangars. As the only airport in Montague County, its traffic is growing.

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