HOT ROD Power Tour rolling through Bowie Wednesday

HOT ROD Power Tour, the largest road trip in the world, with several thousand cars traveling to seven cities in seven days will pass through Bowie on Wednesday as the tour heads north out of Texas.

The 22nd running of Power Tour will be June 11-17 starting in Baton Rouge, LA and ending in Kansas City, KA on a route that includes highways and winding backroads.

According to Hot Rod Magazine officials there was a record number of participants for the tour, 6,095 drivers along the 1,500-mile journey, plus 2,120 drivers and cars making it on the Long Haul Gang for the entire week.

An estimated 116,000 spectators visited the stops throughout the week. Gearheads can join in at any point along the way. According to the tour schedule posted on the magazine website, the tour was scheduled for an 8 a.m. departure from Grand Prairie traveling to Oklahoma City.

The tour route notes an exit at U.S. Highway 81 at Bowie, following the highway all the way into Oklahoma City. Information on the Power Tour can be obtained at

Rick Laughton, president of the Piston Heads Auto Club, said the Power Tour is a pretty big deal and brings a huge amount of cars through a town.