Downtown Bowie crosswalk gets improvements

crosswalk verticalA downtown Bowie pedestrian crosswalk has been beefed up by the Texas Department of Transportation and drivers are urged to be aware of and adhere to it.

The crosswalk is located at the intersection of Tarrant and State Highway 59.

Bowie Police Chief Guy Green said they have been working with Main Street Bowie and TxDOT to find ways to improve the safety of this area.

With new businesses going in on that block there have been concerns about pedestrian safety. Main Street officials also have concerns about foot traffic during events.

Shannon Skiles, Main Street manager, said she is thrilled to have the crosswalk improved thanks to the efforts of TxDOT and Chief Green. Read the full story in the weekend News.

Pictured: Texas Department of Transportation workers paint the crosswalk stripes. (Photo by Barbara Green)