HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Savoy spoils Saint Jo Homecoming


The Saint Jo Panthers came out strong against Savoy during the first quarter of their homecoming game, but the momentum switched in the blink of an eye.
Saint Jo started with a lead of 26-8 at the end of the first quarter, but Savoy took over in the second and went into halftime with a two point lead over the Panthers.
While Saint Jo tied the Cardinals in points in the fourth quarter, their failure to score in the third quarter cost them as the game ended in a defeat of 84-59.
“The first quarter and a half we played the best football we have played in two years,” said Head Coach Chad Tallon. “Everything clicked on all cylinders and I’m not sure what caused everything to go so wrong. There was nothing Savoy did different in their scheme, the momentum just switched sides and it’s hard to get that back.”
Ultimately, Tallon said the team lost a game it should have won. The Panthers will look to bounce back from the homecoming loss when they face Throckmorton on Friday night. Read more in the Sept. 28 Bowie News.

Blake Anderson rushes with the ball during Friday’s Homecoming game as Saint Jo played Savoy at Harley Sewell Field. The Cardinals topped the Panthers, 84-56. (News photo by Dani Blackburn)