OUTDOORS: Charges are filed as man assaults warden

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) law enforcement officials filed felony charges last week in Bastrop County on Jake Childers.
Childers, 36, is charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a state game warden attempting to make an arrest.
Childers, posed a safety threat to police and the public, was wanted on eight outstanding felony warrants and was suspected of involvement in illegal hunting activities.
A Bastrop County game warden initiated a surveillance operation near the home of a relative.
In the early morning hours on Nov. 13, the game warden observed Childers leaving the home in possession of fishing gear walking toward an area known to be a trouble spot for trespassing and fishing on private ponds without landowner consent.
After requesting backup from local law enforcement, the warden went to a location he suspected Childers was headed.
Due to concerns over Childers’ fleeing the area, the decision was made to initiate contact with the suspect prior to backup arriving on scene. Read more in the Nov. 23 edition of The Bowie News.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. (Logo provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, used with permission)