OUTDOORS: Lake in Colorado City making noted comeback

Lake Colorado City State Park is in the midst of a comeback, reports the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
After nearly a decade of low water levels hindering boating opportunities, the lake is rising thanks to recent rainfall.
The park lake covers more than 1,600 acres when at normal levels; however, the lake had fallen to 20 percent capacity during recent years.
The water was so low boats couldn’t be launched from the ramp.
Low water levels created high saline content, which in turn produced cool water temperatures in the fall and winter.
The low water temperature caused high concentrations of active golden algae blooms. Environmental impacts were felt at the fishery, and most of the lake’s water recreation was wiped out.
Within a week of the recent rainfall, the lake was back to nearly 50 percent full – leading to a total rise of eight feet at Lake Colorado City. Read more in the Nov. 30 Bowie News.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. (Logo provided by the TPWD, used with permission)