Commissioners may lift the burn ban

Montague County Commissioners will meet in called session at 9 a.m. on Feb. 27 to consider lifting the burn ban implemented two weeks ago.
Multiple items are on the agenda for the court, including a discussion on sheriff’s office dispatcher’s salaries. County officials have made several adjustments to the sheriff’s budget after it was discovered dispatchers did not fall under the same rules as jailers and therefore must be paid time and a half when working more than 40 hours a week.
Commissioners also will discuss moving funds from indigent healthcare to contingency. An actuarial valuation from CapRisk Consulting Group will be examined and action will be taken on grant applications to the Office of the Governor.
The court will consider authorizing the judge to sign the map endorsement agreement with Liberty Marketing Company.
Elections Administrator Brandi Shipman will provide commissioners with a quote from Vista Solutions Group to print off around 6,000 county documents and convert them to the new system.
The system was approved in a September meeting and backs up the county’s voter registration, elections and Indigent Healthcare. Shipman explained the software is capable of backing up information that is currently on a one terabyte hard drive. If something were to happen to the building, or to the computer, everything would be lost.
In other business, precinct one will ask to enter the Mark Colley property on Lake Valley Road to pile up debris. A replat of Lot 367 and Lot 368 to Lot 367R in Silver Lakes Ranch will be offered.