Bowie City Council to stop ambulance runs outside the city limits by Oct. 1

Anticipating serious budget revenue shortfalls in fiscal 2016-17, Bowie City Councilors took some dire steps Tuesday night to pare down expenses including eliminating ambulance runs outside the city limits.
It was a difficult few hours as the council debated significant expense cuts and directed the staff to return with recommendations and information within 45 days on some topics.
Before moving into specific topics, Mayor Larry Slack reviewed 11 pages of budget projections based on the first four months of fiscal 2016-17. He explained the current utility rates were established to allow a transfer of $1,830,000 from the utility fund to the general fund; however, the present budget has the transfer projected at $2.6 million by the end of the year.
Unless electric rates are raised

raised or city expenses decreased utility fund revenues will be short by $770,000 in generating the needed revenue for the general fund transfer said Slack.

Read the full story on this week’s meeting in the Saturday edition of The Bowie News. Also see the other department budget reviews approved by the council Tuesday.

3 Comments on Bowie City Council to stop ambulance runs outside the city limits by Oct. 1

  1. Budget in 1990, about $6 Million, Budget now, about $16 million. Just what is the City spending money on, it’s certainly not streets or other infrastructure. Too much money being funneled to Economic Development? Too much money tied to building a new multi-million dollar office? The water/sewer bond will be retired this year, will the council remove the premium on our utilities? Probably not! Maybe a recall is going to be necessary to get some sanity back in our City government.

  2. We can affford a huge knife but not a life saving trip out of the limits. Our priorities our way off. And people can’t afford their electric bills now. Things that make you go hmmm

    • A note of information, the Bowie Knife was built with private donations from the community and coordinated by the Bowie Chamber of Commerce. The city’s donated the site in Pelham Park.

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