Bus loading to halt traffic on school days

Traffic patterns were changed this week at Bowie Intermediate School to address safety concerns.
In a joint decision between Bowie ISD and the Bowie Police Department a plan has been put into place in an effort to protect students as they load and unload busses at Bowie Intermediate.
Police Chief Guy Green said every school day from 3:15 to about 3:40 p.m. while busses are in front of the school with their red lights flashing, barricades will be placed across Mill Street between Houston and Williams to close the street down to any traffic while busses load and unload.
“We are having numerous issues with motorists passing school busses at this location while their red lights are activated. We know closing the street seems like an inconvenience to some, but in all essence the street is closed the entire time the busses lights are on anyway,” explained the chief.
Officials hope this action this will take any confusion away from motorists and keep all students safe, along with gaining motorist compliance without having to issue citations to motorist that do not understand. Per the state law, drivers stop for the busses while their lights are on even though they are at the edge of the roadway.
Drivers are urged to either avoid these areas during these times or remember to exert caution to make things safe for all involved.

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  1. Why did they change loading the kids from the safest place with no traffic .The BACK OF THE SCHOOL . TO THE front of the school. busy street . Makes no sense at all !!!

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