Energy appraisers review wind farms value impact

Clay County Judge Kenneth Liggett and several members of the commissioner’s court attended the Tuesday meeting that featured (standing) John Rutledge, assistant district manager with Pritchard & Abbott, valuation consultants. (News photo by Dani Blackburn)

As wind farm developers consider Montague County for potential sites, officials from several counties gathered in the courthouse annex Tuesday for a presentation by Pritchard & Abbott in an attempt to further understand the business and its impact on property values.
Officials attending included six Montague County school district superintendents, the full county commissioner’s court, Clay County Judge Kenneth Liggett, several Clay County commissioners, visitors from Baylor and Seymour Counties, and school board members from Bowie and Forestburg.
“Most of us are dependent on energy in our tax bases. I know I’m brand new in this business, as are a couple others of us, and recently with the interest in the wind farms coming in people ask questions I can’t answer. I thought it was in our best interest to sit down and try to learn as much of this stuff as we possibly can,” explained Montague County Judge Rick Lewis.

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