America’s favorite tailgating trends

 Football season is officially here, but what are people doing before the big game? surveyed over 1,000 consumers to discover America’s top tailgating trends. We found that while half of Americans (53%) prefer watching NFL games, 60% of consumers would rather tailgate at college games.
So, what are Texans’ citizens’ favorite tailgating trends?
Texans’ choose college tailgates, drink about 3 drinks per tailgate and love burgers and cornhole. But whether you’re watching the Cowboys, Longhorns, Aggies or Raiders, here’s how Americans are tailgating across the country:
  • A majority of Americans are “home-gaters” – watching the game at home or a friend’s

  • Cornhole is the favorite tailgating game of the season (51%)

  • Most people prefer wings as their tailgating food

  • Beer is the favorite drink & a majority of people (67%) will be drinking an alcoholic drink while tailgating this football season\\

With fall comes cooler weather, pumpkin-spice everything and of course, football. It’s that time of the year for tailgating season, so we surveyed over 1,000 consumers to take a look into this year’s top tailgating trends.

Along with football season comes one of America’s favorite pastimes – tailgating! Whether it be at the stadium or home-gating at a friend’s house, we’ve uncovered consumers favorite tailgating trends and activities.

One interesting insight we found is that while most consumers prefer watching NFL games (53%), 60.5% of Americans would rather tailgate at a college game.

As for where they are tailgating, a majority of consumers are what’s known as “home-gaters”,(36%) meaning they grill out, drink and enjoy the game with friends from the comfort of their own home. Following closely behind, 34% of consumers like to tailgate at the stadium, close to the action. As for the rest, 16% of consumers celebrate at a friends house, and 14% prefer a local bar or pub to “tailgate” the game.

We also looked into consumers favorite tailgating games and activities, discovering more than half of people prefer the classic tailgating game “cornhole”. Favorite games are followed by beer pong (17%), frisbee or catch (11%), flip cup (8%), washers (8%), and ladder toss (5%).