Commissioner’s Court meets on Monday

Montague County Commissioners will wrap up November’s business when the court meets at 9 a.m. on Nov. 27.
Could the courthouse soon have some Christmas decorations? The commissioners will discuss the possibility.
It has been many years since the courthouse was lighted and had some of the traditional lawn decorations, which were purchased and provided by local citizens and donations.
The county will consider establishing a courthouse security committee.
A joint resolution between the county and the county Republican and Democratic Parties will be offered which will allow the parties to conduct the March primary elections at the same locations as the county voting precincts.
Other items on Monday’s agenda will include: Presentation of an award from the Texas Association of Counties; precinct one will seek to transfer funds from full-time to part-time; a road crossing request from HL Custom Homes on Silver Lakes Drive in precinct two w;ill be reviewed and the court will consider approving the Texas Association of Counties liability renewal.

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