Ice storm hits hard in north Texas

The metal awning at LeDance and Theatrical Supply collapsed late Wednesday due to heavy ice. (Photo by Barbara Green)

Montague County has only experienced hints of winter since it began in mid-December, but its icy wrath blew in with force mid-week going from sleet to rain to thunder-snow across three days.
As the rain and sleet began late Tuesday, school officials went ahead and cancelled school across Montague County Wednesday and followed up with another snow day on Thursday. The freezing rain started falling late Tuesday and created hazardous road conditions across North Texas.
In the county there were no injury accidents, but multiple vehicles that ran off the road and one truck pulling a trailer that flipped over along U.S. 287. Sheriff’s office staff and local police reported people appeared to heed caution and stay off the road.

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This tree was uprooted at the home of Jesica Ramsey in Bowie. (Courtesy photo)