Saint Jo City Council does business by candlelight during storm

Saint Jo City Council members braved the winter storm to take care of business by candlelight during their Feb. 21 meeting.

The resignation of Saint Jo Water/Sewer Manager Marty Hilton was accepted. Gary Hacker, who works full time for the City of Muenster, has been hired to work part-time for the City of Saint Jo in Hilton’s place.

A request from Jack Schoppa for the use of city property next to the rodeo arena was approved for a brand-new kite flying event.

Requests from Donna Sickles for use of the Chisolm Trail Square on April 19 for the Spring Fling and again for the Real Cowboy Symposium has been tabled until the next meeting.

A request from Jonathan Fenoglio to build a new home at 309 N. Meigs was approved, along with a resolution for an annual rate review for Atmos Energy and the City of Saint Jo.