Saint Jo Aldermen approve zoning plans for mfg. housing

Saint Jo City Council members approved establishing a zone for manufactured and Department of Housing and Urban Development homes during an April 11 meeting.
With three members voting yes and one no, Council Member Shaden Clark was given permission to start the procedure of setting up zoning for manufactured housing, HUD housing and any other single-family residence in that category in the City of Saint Jo.
“They made the motion to move forward on finding where they are actually going to place an area where manufactured and HUD homes will go from now on. Moving forward, we will need to do the research to find an area, they haven’t found it just yet,” said City of Saint Jo Secretary Melinda Robeson.

Read the full story in the weekend News.

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  1. You have got to be kidding me?!
    Where has this program EVER worked to benefit the communities where these programs are implemented?
    Saint Jo will end up in the same sewer system like Dallas, Houston, Ft Worth & other liberal entitlement seeking cities.

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