Montague County begins its 2018-19 budget work

The court went into a brief budget workshop after completing its regular agenda on Monday, hearing from three elected officials and two appointees.
Tax Assessor Syd Nowell called the next budget year her “transition year” as she makes plans to retire the minute she turns 65 on April 1, 2019 she laughed on Monday.
When she leaves office the court will have to appoint a person to fill out the unexpired term which will run out in 2020. In addition to Nowell, Lawanna Yarbough, a longtime deputy in the tax office, also plans to retire shortly after her boss.
In preparing her budget Nowell said she included additional funds for training and transportation for a new person, plus funds for part-time. She explained they have been doing a lot of cross training in the office because she wants the front counter ready for her departure. Her budget proposal also will include moving the secretary to full deputy.
Nowell also said at this time there is no one on her staff who wants the interim position.
The tax assessor also informed the court of a pending lawsuit settlement that will cost the county almost $500,000.
The Texas Supreme Court has issued a ruling in a case where a company sought to have heavy equipment such as compressors taxed in the county where their main office is located.
Nowell said based on this ruling Montague County will have to refund three years in taxes to CDM Company which comes out to about $475,000 with principal and interest.

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