Sears wins U.S. field archery title

Courtesy photo USA Archery

A local compound archer won the U.S. National Field Archery Championship in the junior men’s division and earned a spot as team captain of his division for Team USA as he competed June 8-10 at Darrington, WA.
Gold-Burg High School incoming senior Connor Sears won a brutal competition that was different than any other in the world.
Archers had 24 targets to shoot while hiking through the mountain and wooded areas of Darrington. The targets they were shooting at were also unmarked, meaning archers had to judge the size of the targets face, the angle they had to shoot and the distance. This was done while hiking through a course with crazy inclines which is challenging enough just to hike.
None of this fazed Sears much. Field archery is his favorite type of competition due to the added challenge of contest variance. The hiking and rain were no big deal, as well since he enjoys the outdoors.
He finished first overall in 18-20 men’s junior compound bow division despite being 17-years-old and competing against guys who are not just older, but some have experience participating in pro competitions. He won by 10 points which is a pretty comfortable margin.
Added on to the competition was the U.S. Trials for the field archery team which will travel to Cortina, Italy this September for the World Championship.
Out of 160 participants split up by two age groups, two bow types and gender, only 24 ended up making the team. Only the top three in each division made the team, with the top finisher being named captain.
The top eight in each division competed an extra day to see which three would earn their way onto the team and who would be team captain. Sears won that as well to earn the captain title.

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