Montague Co. Child Welfare Board counselor hopes to create lots of ‘ripples’

Shandrea Clark

When you drop a pebble in a pond, it creates a series of ripples that span out across the water. Shandrea Clark is settling into her new position as counselor for the Montague County Child Welfare Board and hopes her time spent working with the children will have the same ripple effect for the county.
“I don’t want to sound generic, but I want to make a difference,” said Clark. “I want to see the ripple effect, to start with one child and see that ripple to other kids, to the family, to teachers, to schools, to the communities and to the county.”
Clark brings plenty of experience to the table. The 45-year-old was born and raised in Saint Jo and graduated high school as a Panther. She went on to raise her three children, Jay, 29; Shaden, 25 and TayCee, 19, in Montague County, other than spending a few years in East Texas.
After graduating high school, Clark attended North Central Texas College and graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a teaching degree and master’s degree in counseling and development.

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