Retired District Judge Roger Towery dies Wednesday

Roger E. Towery, one of the longest-serving district judges in the history of the 97th Judicial District, died Wednesday at his home in Nocona.
District Judge Jack McGaughey said Towery had undergone a kidney transplant last October and was in a Dallas hospital until three weeks ago. Towery’s new kidneys were removed several weeks ago following an infection.
Since coming to office in 1990, the retired district judge had presided over most of the important trials of the last quarter century. Since his retirement in 2012, Towery was a visiting judge in area courtrooms. He and his wife Ann had moved to Nocona in 2012. The 73-year-old Towery served the 97th District for 23 years across five elected terms.
As of Thursday it was unclear when a memorial service may be scheduled.

Read a reflection of his career in the weekend News.

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  1. Judge Towery was respected all across Texas. I was proud to call him my friend.

    Bob McGregor, Sr. District Judge
    66th District Court, Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas

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