Monty Dawson earns a shot at recording a single

Monty Dawson was almost speechless at the Texas Country Music Association Awards when it was announced he won a scholarship to sponsor the recording of one single. (Courtesy TCMA)
Julie and Monty Dawson of Bowie on the “red carpet” at the Oct. 15 Texas Country Music Association Awards. (Courtesy photo)

Local Texas country artist Monty Dawson is heading to the recording studio this month after receiving the surprise of a lifetime at the Texas Country Music Awards on Oct. 15.
The unsuspecting Dawson was awarded the first ever Texas Country Music Association Artist’s Scholarship. The scholarship will cover the costs for recording, production, distribution and promotion of one single.
“I have never recorded anything because it costs a lot of money, and I’m just a poor kid from Bowie. I make a decent living playing music, and I never worried about recording anything. I never thought my songs were that good, but the TCMA thinks they’re awesome,” said Dawson.
The singer/songwriter was clueless of the award until his name was called. He thought he was at the awards just to enjoy the experience, so he was left in shock.
“It is pretty hilarious to watch the video back because I had no clue what to say,” said Dawson. “My band was there and they all knew, my wife knew, everybody knew and I had no clue. I talked to my band after and they all laughed at me.”
The 42-year-old was born and raised in Bowie. He was one of two sons to Butch and Kay Dawson and grew up listening to his dad play guitar.

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