Jan. 31 tax deadline nears

There are 13 days until the Jan. 31 deadline to pay your 2018 county, city and school taxes before any penalty and interest begins accruing.
Officials at both the county tax office and appraisal district report traffic has been normal for January, but they expect it to pick up as the month draws to a close.
Customers should strive to meet the Jan. 31 deadline to avoid the seven percent penalty and interest that starts on Feb. 1. The amount increases each month afterward and on July 1 attorney fees are added.
Kim Haralson, chief appraiser for the Montague County Tax Appraisal District, said they are at 50.59 percent of collections as of Jan. 17 for all its entities.
The MCTAD collects for the cities of Bowie and Saint Jo and school districts of Bowie, Gold-Burg, Montague, Prairie Valley and Saint Jo.
Syd Nowell, county tax assessor-collector, said her collections are hovering at just under 50 percent for all the entities. However, she said the heavy hitters like the big energy companies have not come in yet. The county is at 45 percent, while it is 45.70 percent overall for all the entities she collects.
Her office collects for the county, Forestburg Independent School District, the two watersheds located in the county and the Nocona city, school and hospital district.
Taxpayers are urged to make arrangements for partial payments to reduce the penalty and interest on the outstanding amount. Call the county tax office at 894-3881 or the MCTAD office at 894-2081 with questions. Both offices are in Montague.