Demolition underway today at Montague

County officials put up a tall fence around the damaged building on the courthouse square on Monday. (News photo by Kayla Jean Woods)
Rain or shine county officials began work on demolishing this historic building at Franklin and Highway 59 in Montague at daybreak Saturday morning. The county tackled it through its abatement process to handled what are considered unsafe structures.

Demolition of the damaged structure at Montague on the courthouse square got underway at daylight Saturday morning despite rain and lightning. Power was turned off while the demo was being conducted due to power lines running across the front and back of the building. Much of the building easily crumpled when pushed by the excavator. The 1884 building was damaged back in August when a pickup truck drove into it killing the driver and catching the truck and building on fire. It had been deemed an unsafe structure and when the owner would not abate the safety issue, Montague County officials undertook steps to resolve it. Watch for more photos and coverage in your mid-week News. (Photo by Barbara Green)