Sewer blockage turns into a mess

What began as a sewer line blockage in the 200 block of Roach Street turned into a much bigger problem during the weekend for the city water department. Public Works Director Dean Grant explained the crew responded to a blockage Thursday and the vacuum hose got stuck in the line, which led to digging up the line. However, they also found a manhole that may have been covered up for 30 years in the street near the alley. The hose had gotten tangled in the manhole. The crew had originally thought there was a “T,” and no manhole was mapped. Grant said during the search for the blockage the excavator scraped the clay tile line and that was when they found the bricks for the manhole. The crew was finally able to clear the blockage and on Tuesday were working to get the area covered up temporarily to reopen the street. (News photo by Barbara Green)

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  1. It’s like on Jones street there was a manhole when we move here in 67 but was covered up in early 70s I show them them were it use to be but there was nothing on the map showing that there ever was a manhole there so may be a good ideal to upgrade there maps

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