Commissioners accept financial report 2017-18


Montague County Commissioners received a strong outside audit Monday as the 2017-2018 financial report were presented to the court.
Michael Edgin of Edgin, Parkman, Fleming & Fleming, made the presentation Edgin through the highlights noting it was a very positive report overall.
The accountant pointed out the county continues to reduce its unfunded liability in the state retirement system as he has made payments during the last several years.
Edgin said in four years it went from $2.7 million to $774,000. Payments were made from available budget carryover and investment returns. The report notes the pension fund reporting runs one year behind and it will be reduce more following a payment in this budget year.
“You have come a long way especially with something you have no control over such as the investment market,” said Edgin.

The May 4 general election votes were canvassed for the one proposition on county-wide ballot. Those voting for the Tier 2 change were 1,409, 130 against for a total of 1,554 ballots cast. Read the full story in the mid-week News.