Gov. Abbott vetoes state designation for Bowie knife

The pursuit of a state designation to make the Bowie Knife the official state knife of Texas has fallen by the wayside again as Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed it Saturday, one day before the June 16 deadline for a bill passed in the session to be signed.
Abbott issued 51 vetoes Saturday killing several popular bills, but the legislation related to the Bowie Knife was a House Concurrent Resolution, which had already passed through the House and Senate with no opposition.
HCR32 was authored by Rep. Drew Springer, R-Muenster, San Antonio Democrats Trey Fischer and Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, San Antonio Republican Lyle Larson and Rep. Justin Holland, R-Rockwall, and sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Pat Fallon, R-Prosper.
Springer said Tuesday he was very upset with the action when he learned of it and he will definitely push it through in the next session. Springer added he has been assured by the governor’s staff the veto stemmed from the incorrect historical reference.
These types of resolutions are often considered no fail as they often showcase a Texas product or location. Officials with the City of Bowie and Bowie Chamber of Commerce have been advocating for the designation since the creation of what would become the Guinness World Record Largest Bowie Knife in the community.

Read the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.

2 Comments on Gov. Abbott vetoes state designation for Bowie knife

  1. To Governor Abbott from a 75 year old Native Texan, thank you. I live in Bowie and love our city but, the
    Knife does nothing to enhance our city. If tourists were to drive a distance to see the Knife they would be in for a very disappointed. Also, Bowie is definitely not a city people would want to visit of. The restaurants are not the greatest and there is absolutely nothing to do or see here. Sounds strange but I do love Bowie. My husband and I chose to retire from Dallas to Bowie approx. 15 years ago. There is nothing here for see or do. Bowie is very laid back and has nothing to offer unless you just want to get away from the big cities.

    • Mrs. Miller I would assume enhancement or entertainment is in the eye of the beholder. Those who I have spoken with who visited the knife enjoyed it and some of those folks shopped here, stayed overnight or ate lunch here. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but based on search history and Trip Advisor ratings the knife is doing ok as a tourism draw. It has certainly gotten Bowie’s name out into new areas. I guess it would be up those who visit to determine where it was worth it or not. At least it is one positive element being used to promote the community not negative.

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