Search warrant nets 1 arrest, methamphetamine

Roy Mead

A 37-year-old Bowie man suspected of drug trafficking was arrested during a search warrant execution at his home at 131 Long Street on July 12.
Montague County Sheriff Marshal Thomas said his office has been conducting a length investigation into Roy Daniel Mead for possible drug sales. A Crime Stopper tip also assisted.
The warrant was executed shortly before 5 p.m. Thomas said Bowie Police Department assisted with manpower during the search.
Items seized at the residence included approximately 8.5 grams of methamphetamine packaged for individual sale with a set of scales. There also were two ounces of liquid believed to contain meth and 300 grams of liquid that field tested positive for meth.
Mead was arrested on complaints of manufacture of a controlled substance one-four grams and manufacture /delivery of a controlled substance four to 200 grams. His bonds totaled $100,000 and as of Tuesday he remained in jail.

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  1. Things alwaus sound worse in the paper and thru the jail. I know for a fact this man is a good man and Father. Life makes twist and turns. Some we choose most we dont. Regardles no one chooses to be an addict. Pay enough wages a person can raise a family on. Let all kids have the same oppertunties as the rich kids. Then maybe the poor folk wont resort to doing iiligal things to give their children whst they deserve. Like the rich folk

    • 100,000 dollar bond…
      Who got murdered.
      Also there were more arrest not just one.

  2. What makes this an even more interesting subject is I hear this man never seen a search warrant, they are still to this day going through his house. How can anyone be certain things brought up now were even his. Kind of like the liquid meth they charged him with that was found in a 1 bedroom efficiency apartment rented out. They still charged him for the contents found in there. But even then he was never given a copy of the search warrant, he was arrested and hauled off to jail and booked in. When the jailer asked what he was being booked in for the police said they would get the charges to the jail here shortly. Sounds way fishy to me. Small town police think they can do whatever they want and continue to get away with it. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

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