Commissioners get testy discussing assistant’s salary


Things got a bit testy Monday as the Montague County Commissioners attempted to adopt the budget as one court member debated against changing the county attorney’s administrative assistant salary back after it was reduced $3,255 at the last court workshop.
County Attorney Clay Riddle argued Commissioner Roy Darden was comparing apples to oranges, which led to every more anger as Darden alluded to past “buddy deals,” on the court which longtime Commissioner Bob Langford took personally.
At the Aug. 26 budget workshop the court voted to change the administrative assistant’s salary from $49,292 to $46,037 which is what other chief deputies make. Darden had raised the question why this staffer made $3,255 more than other similar employees. During the discussion there was a question if this assistant had any special certifications, but no one knew.
Monday, during the public hearing on the budget Riddle asked Judge Rick Lewis if he could answer those questions. He explained the staffer is the victim’s assistance coordinator working with the state victim’s fund to assist local residents, assists those merchants who bring in hot check cases, fields victim calls, file paperwork for pursuing judgement nisi, assist with civil matters along with all the other traditional office duties. This person also attends training to be a certified victim’s assistant.

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