Good news/bad news for the Bowie City Council

Storm drainage damage at Lamb in Nelson began in 2015 and continued to deteriorate with more heavy rains and flooding. (News file photo)

It was a case of good news/bad news Monday night as the City of Bowie learned it will receive a significant grant to assist with repairing flood damage in the area of Nelson, Rock and Gallia, but on the other side an inspection of the Old Bowie Lake Dam shows a need for extensive repairs that could lead to major changes at the lake.
City Manager Bert Cunningham reported on both those topics during his report Monday.
On the flooding damage it was good news. The manager said he contacted the U.S. Department of Agriculture about a year ago asking about grant opportunities to fix the city’s portion of the Brushy Creek tributary that runs through town. A substantial grant has been approved.
The city experienced major damage in May 2015 across an area that runs from State Highway 59 east to Gallia along the creek. Multiple flooding events afterward continued to cause major damage near Kiwanis Park where a portion of Lamb Street was closed due to the collapse of the street and bridge headwalls.
However, on the bad news side a state inspection of the Old Bowie Lake Dam reveals it needs extensive repair. Read the full story on the council session in the mid-week Bowie News.

Repair work at Old Bowie Lake’s dam last fall. (News photo)