‘Fitz’ new host for Bob Kingsley CT40; Bowie grad filling radio icon’s boots

As a youngster Cory Fitzner remembers riding from Wichita Falls to Bowie on the weekends to visit family and listening to “Bob Kingsley’s Top 40 Country Countdown.”
Today, Fitzner, a popular radio personality based in Seattle, will be sitting behind the late Bob Kingsley’s microphone and in his chair as the new host of “Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 With Fitz.”
He hosted his first show on Jan. 4-5. Fitz opened that program stating he sits in the seat with a “grateful and humble heart,” taking over from Kingsley who lead the program since 1978.
“It is an amazing honor to sit here and a bit overwhelming. I ask Bob, who I know is watching over us, to keep doing it,” said Fitz in the first show.
The 41-year-old radio man is the son of Linda and Bob Fitzner, and is a 1996 graduate of Bowie High School. He has been building his radio career the past 13 years in the Seattle area where he currently is the morning anchor at Hubbard country 98.9 KNUC. He also hosts The Fitz Show, The Hit List With Fitz and Nashville Minute with Fitz collectively heard on more than 140 stations.

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