Schools begin distributing food to students

Child Nutrition Supervisor Janice Blahuta and high school cafeteria manager Lita Ogg were handing out meals to students Tuesday for the program. Students received a pre-packaged breakfast and lunch with pickup from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Monday-Friday at the east doors of the high school. (News photo by Barbara Green)

As Montague County school districts closed down to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, district personnel began making plans to provide food for its students along with filling the instructional needs as much as possible.
On March 19 Montague County districts had already announced they were going to close through April 10, but their decision was unnecessary as Governor Greg Abbott closed all the state’s schools down to slow the spread of the virus.
While it was somewhat expected, all the districts were on spring break last week, which made the administrators and staff kick into overdrive to get things moving.
Some of the districts have begun providing food to students and preparing instructional activities, while the others are working on those programs. All the officials said this is an ever-evolving health crisis and things will change as needed.

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In an effort to stay connected with the students these teachers manned welcome signs at the food pickup site. Addie Enlow and Monica Sandoval, junior high teachers, were bringing smiles and hellos Tuesday. (News photo by Barbara Green)

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    • As the story stated, NISD officials said they would be working on the food and instructional programs this week and announce it as soon as it is ready. That was the last information we received.

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