Week eight of getting fit while social distancing

In this week of trying to get fit while avoiding the gym, I tried to step my game up by taking my workouts from someone who at least looks like a typical guy workout personality.
I went to YouTube and found this jacked up 23-year-old Fraser Wilson. To say he is in shape is an understatement. The dude is ripped in every place that he can be, stopping just short of having the mountains of muscles body builders have. He is definitely headed in that direction if that is his goal.
His look is definitely what first draws people in by the thumbnail on the videos. I am not sure if there are any recent videos of him with a shirt on. Why hide what every man dreams to look like and what he is essentially selling you.
You want to look like me? Watch my videos, do my workouts, and I will share the secret.
This is of course not entirely true. While Wilson is still a young man, he has dedicated his life since he was 16 to getting his body to look like it does. He proudly pulls out a before picture of him at that age as a relatively in shape teenager and compares it to the ripped muscle man he is in his early 20s.
He has some videos dedicated to how to diet in terms of losing body weight and gaining muscle mass, but I am not sure how many people know this is almost more key than any workout he posts.
Plus, with most of his workouts requiring no equipment, you know the workouts he posts are just a short part of his whole workout routine that probably includes free weights.
If you aspire to have a body builder’s physique or just have defined muscles, the only way to get them healthily is following a strict diet and weight lifting program for several years. Genetics also have something to do with it as well.
There are shortcuts, but they are usually illegal and not exactly healthy for long-term health.
I have no such aspirations. My diet has continued to be terrible throughout. It might be actually worse, which is why I probably do not look that different even though this column marks two months.
The amount of dedication and effort it takes to look like that would make it all the more soul crushing for me when it would slowly start to go away eventually. As other important things in life popped up to take up the time it takes just to maintain a defined muscular appearance, the expenses that any diet puts on peoples income might also start to add up.
Speaking of his workouts, they were exactly what I feel like I needed to challenge myself with, even if I did not enjoy the process. I found them by typing in 10-minute workout on YouTube. He has several and even better, they require no equipment.
Fitting with his brand image and what that is selling, he has a lot of core focused workouts of varying time lengths. A lot of these videos have similar thumbnails of him doing a side plank with what can only be described as an expression of exhausted glee. It’s telling you that if this workout is tiring even him out, just imagine what awaits your flabby abdominals. It will only take 10 minutes.
Wilson does have many other workouts focusing in on full-body, legs and upper body as well, but the first thing that stands out about him is his six-eight or 10 pack abs.
Those are what society has told us will attract females.
It was proven true to you when that one popular guy you knew in middle school was just genetically blessed with them and got all the girls then. You are secretly glad he has a gut now 15 years later according to his photos on Facebook.

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