Crowd attendance will be different

Sites like this will be missed from this season as patrons will need to stay six feet apart while wearing a mask.

For people planning to attend any school sporting events this school year, there will be some extra steps to follow thanks to COVID-19.
The University Interscholastic League has a set of rules and guidelines school districts are supposed to follow.
The stands will look less full than ever thanks to the rule that allows only 50 percent capacity into games.
For those who do attend, a mask or face covering will be required. With all of that extra space, social distancing will be heavily encouraged.
Groups of 10 people or less who traveled to the game together will be allowed to sit closer together.
School districts are encouraged to do away with physical tickets at the door and set up some sort of remote ticketing option to prevent the usual people traffic at the entrance.
Montague County schools are still trying to come up with the different ways they are going to do the ticketing before games.

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