High Schools sports start practice Monday

Montague County high schools will start fall sports practices on Aug. 3.
For football players and teams, the obvious question this time of year is how to manage the searing Texas heat.
Also this year is ever present question of how to follow the COVID-19 guidelines set by the Texas Education Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while playing sports.
The good news is all of the schools in the county have been practicing and following these guidelines since the beginning of June when summer workouts were allowed to start.
The two big schools in the county, Bowie and Nocona, had scares with one person each reported contracting the virus in July. As of July 31, there were no reported further cases from either district.
All of the teams in the county report the plan is to avoid the hottest parts of the day and practice in the early morning or late at night for at least the first week.
Any practice time during this time of the day will be used inside in either the weight or film room.

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