Taxpayers get one day grace due to weekend deadline

Jan. 31 is the deadline for property owners to pay their 2020 county, city and school taxes before the seven percent penalty and interest begin to accrue.
Due to the last day of the month falling on the weekend, taxpayers will have through 5 p.m. on Feb. 1 to make payment, however, collectors encourage people not to wait until the last minute when there could be problems with online payments or the mail.
While there is a grace period due to where the deadline falls, penalty and interest begins on Feb. 1 and will increase each month after until July 1 when attorney fees are assessed.
Taxpayers also are encouraged to make arrangements for partial payments to reduce the penalty and interest on the outstanding balance. Both the county tax assessor and Montague County Tax Appraisal District have outside drop boxes. Both offices are located in Montague. Those with questions about MCTAD collections may call 894-2081 or the county tax office at 894-3881.