Bowie News sport stories from the ‘60s

During the next 12 months, The Bowie News will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. There will be many activities throughout the year.
Sports Rewind will offer up a few sports headlines from the past 100 years of Bowie News coverage including its predecessor The Bowie Booster.
This month includes stories from the 1960s including a local angle on the way bowling gets scored we take for granted as well as a Bowie vs Nocona basketball game that went the Indians way.

February 20, 1964, The Bowie News
Headline: Frequent Visitors to Bowie Perfect Bowling Scorekeepers
Sco-Rite, the first fully automatic bowling score keeper in the world, has been introduced to the sport by two men well known in Bowie and frequent visitors here.
The device was introduced by Doban Labs Incorporated, of Sunnyvale, Calif., a two-year-old company headed by Donald Miller, president, and Daniel Miller, vice-president.
The men are the twin brothers of Mrs. Raymond Ditto of the Pleasant Ridge Community.
The company perfected the Sco-Rite about seven months ago, and has thoroughly tested it in numerous Bay Area bowling centers with both Brunswick and AMF pinsetters.
The infallible score keeping system is the result of modern solid-state technology, utilizing the same precision components and sophisticated circuitry found in today’s missiles, satellites and computers.
Sco-Rite performs flawlessly all the function of a human score keeper, Daniel Miller explained in a demonstration before the press, but it does not make errors of perception or make mistakes in calculation.
Miller said the scorekeeper is a long awaited addition to the bowling industry–“the biggest thing that has happened to bowling since the automatic pinsetter.”

February 8, 1968
Headline: Indians Cook Rabbits
A bunch of wild Indians from over in the north part of the county who call themselves the Nocona Indians shot down the Bowie Jackrabbits before a home crowd that was packed to the rafters Tuesday night 69 to 48 and took a giant step in winning the district championship.
Nocona, with Roy Fitts and Jimmy Walker leading the way off to a fast start Tuesday night by outscoring the Jackrabbits 14 to 5.
Bowie started out the second quarter like they were going to make a battle out of it and narrowed the gap by staying in the scoring with the hot Indians 12 to 16.
The Indians led at halftime with a 30 to 17 margin.
In the third quarter both teams battled toe to toe with Nocona increasing their margin by only one point. Nocona led the scoring with a 17 to 16 margin.
Not content to sit on their laurels the Indians decided to hold a final scalping party and unraveled the fighting Rabbits with a 23 to 14 surge.
The game was marred by an unusually large number of fouls with Bowie being guilty 25 times and Nocona charged with 21.
Nocona was hotter than your long handles in July at the free throw line by hitting 23 of 35. Bowie by the same token was colder than an old maids heart and only hit 12 of 24.
Bowie plays Northwest Friday night and then will bring down the curtain with a make up game against Boswell.
High point man for Bowie was Whit Coffield with 19 points and high point man for Nocona was Roy Fitts with 25. Jimmy Walker of Nocona had 11 points.