Do not shoot fireworks inside city limits

Make it a safe and happy July 4th this weekend.
Dry conditions warrant extra precautions for those shooting off fireworks.
Also remember it is illegal to shoot fireworks inside the incorporated cities in the county.
In the Cities of Bowie, Nocona and Saint Jo have ordinances against fireworks being used inside the city limits. Those who violate the ordinance may receive a citation for a Class C misdemeanor carrying a fine up to $500.
Fireworks may be discharged out in the county, but those using them should exercise caution to avoid wildfires or injury.
In the Bowie area fireworks may be discharged at Selma Park only on July 2-4. Discharge at other times may result in a ticket from the city police who patrol the park.
Montague County does not have a burn ban in place. Those who use fireworks that cause a wildfire or other fire-related damage may be held liable for any damage.