Bowie boy’s win first place at Chico meet

The Bowie boy’s team finished first at Wednesday’s cross country meet at Chico while Jojo Villarreal finished 9th. (Courtesy photo)

Runners from Bowie, Gold-Burg and Forestburg competed at the Dragon Invitational in Chico on Wednesday.
The Jackrabbit boy’s team won first overall while the Bear boy’s team finished third.
Bowie was led by Nathan Rodgers who finished second overall with a time of 17:01.
The top five runners for the Jackrabbits included Sebastian Martinez (18:44), James Fitch (19:09), Monte Mayfield (19:28) and Liam Pearson (19:39).
The Lady Rabbits only had one runner compete in the race. Jojo Villarreal finished ninth overall with a time of 15:24.
The Gold-Burg team was led by 2021 state qualifier Isaac Renteria. He finished first overall with a time of 16:50.
He was joined by teammates Paul Jones (21:37), Kaleb Smith (27th), Corbin Gilbert (30th) and Hayden Chambers (36th).
For Forestburg, its only runner Justynne Roller finished 11th overall with a time of 15:50.

Results for all high school runners from those three schools are in the weekend edition of the Bowie News.