VOLLEYBALL: TGIF league sets course for 16th year

The TGIF Volleyball League is underway as of Thursday night, and plenty of area teams are descending on Bowie for matches.
Here are teams participating.
Varsity division: Bowie No. 1, Bowie No. 2, Burkburnett, Forestburg, Graham, Henrietta, Iowa Park, Jacksboro, Nocona, Wichita Falls Rider No. 1, Wichita Falls Rider No. 2, Saint Jo, Wichita Falls Old High JV, Wichita Falls Old High and Windthorst.
Junior varsity division: Bowie ninth grade (Bre Jones), Bridgeport, Gold-Burg, Henrietta No. 1, Henrietta No. 2, Jacksboro No. 1, Jacksboro No. 2, Nocona No. 1, Nocona No. 2 and Prairie Valley.
Junior high division: Bowie seventh grade (Miranda Wolsey), Bowie eighth grade (Bre Jones), Graham seventh grade, Graham eighth grade, Henrietta, Iowa Park, Montague, Prairie Valley, Saint Jo and Windthorst.
Future play dates will be May 1, May 8, May 15 and May 22. Start times are 4:30 p.m. for the junior high and junior varsity divisions, and 5 p.m. for the high school division.
The junior high matches will be played at 501 East Tarrant, the junior varsity division at the Bowie Intermediate School at 800 North Mill and the varsity division at the high school located at 341 United States Highway 287 North Access.
Matches will be 25 minutes in length, and teams will switch sides at the 12-minute, 30-second mark.
Officials will keep time, score and lines, and their decisions will be final. There will be a five-minute warm-up. A 20-point mercy rule will be enacted in all divisions. Teams must win by one point in case sudden death arises.
This marks the 16th year for the league.

Karsen Morgan (left) and Madison Little will represent Bowie in the TGIF league, which began play on Thursday. (News file photo by Eric Viccaro)