Looking forward to what comes

Barbara Green and The Bowie News Staff,

Just a short note to say “Thank You”, Barbara, for your News Opinion appearing in the March 19, 2016 edition of The Bowie News and for the newspaper’s creation and sponsorship of the “Build a Better Bowie 2016” campaign.

I am looking forward to the many great things that Bowie has in its future. What makes any community, town, city or state something special is the people who live within it. Daily, I am reminded by the actions, words and deeds of those I interact with – coworkers, clients, city employees, local businesses’ staff, the many church families, and all those sharing our community – just how committed our residents are to their relationships, their jobs, and this city.

It is my personal belief that we are each victims of the frail human condition, including that tendency to be self focused, negative, and judgmental. It is a decision that each one of us must make to be positive, not negative; happy, not sad; part of the solution, not the problem; grateful, not spiteful; helpful, not needful; and thankful for our blessings and opportunities rather than focusing on our shortcomings and limitations.

The sum of all positive actions and attitudes has the power to indeed “Build a Better Bowie 2016”. Now…. let’s do it!

Thanks, again!

Beth Winingham, DVM




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  1. Thank you Dr. Beth for being our first citizen post. We appreciate your participation. Barbara

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