Exploring Bowie’s creation as a city

This is an ongoing series of articles which are part of the “Build a Better Bowie” campaign exploring the unique and positive aspects of the community, both tangible and intangible.


Bowie, Texas, like hundreds of towns across the American west, owe their existence to the railroad.

The great iron horse steamed its way from the midwest and east powering through to the still unconquered west to connect the two shores.

While the history may be common, the hardship and sacrifice made by early Texans created the Lone Star state its citizens enjoy today.

Bowie’s roots are as western as they come ,rising up out of the Cross Timbers landscape as the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway began work in 1881. The route began at Hodge and went northward from Fort Worth to Wichita Falls.

By Feb. 27, 1882, the initial stretch of road was ready for track. Progress went comparatively rapid until the tracks reached Decatur on May 1, 1882. Forty miles of track had been laid in two months; but, it took two months to lay the remaining 20 miles to Bowie. Please enjoy the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.