Bowie Police say arrest may clear up multiple burglaries

Evan Alexander


The arrest of a 19-year-old Bowie man may clear up more than half of the burglaries that have occurred in the city within the last 60 days.

Detective Bob Blackburn made the statement Monday as he continues sorting through information on nearly 50 burglaries from the past two months. On April 29, police said on average there had been one burglary a day for the last 45 days. More than a dozen have been reported since May 1.

Blackburn said after questioning Evan Bayle Alexander last Thursday and Friday, he believes they will clear up a large number of those cases. Alexander has been arrested on one burglary warrant and further complaints are anticipated according to the police.

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Pictured: Tuesday, the tools reported stolen from the Sarah Tompkins home earlier on May 3 were recovered by police, after the police suspect told them where to find the property. (Courtesy photo)