Commissioners continue debating subdivision rules


Montague County Commissioners are leaning toward a 3-acre, 2-acre rule for water and septic within a subdivision, as the court continues updating its county-wide rules.
The court began work on these updates several months ago and last month asked for additional information on RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks. County Judge Rick Lewis outlined the RV parks which are considered subdivisions and fall under those rules. Mobile home parks have separate rules.
Commissioner Bob Langford said he would like to see the same rules that apply to subdivisions applying to mobile home parks. Lewis said he would pass that on to the legal counsel assisting with the updates.
While commissioners are examining all aspects of the rules the water well acreage has driven virtually all the discussion. The question of moving up from the present two-acre tract for a water well compared to five-acre tract previously recommended by the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District remains a point of contention. Read the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.