Game camera pics help ID burglary suspect

Dayson Crum

Installing a game camera at a rural home paid off assisting law enforcement in identifying a possible suspect, who was soon arrested.
Montague County Chief Deputy Jack Lawson reported the arrest in connection with a pair of burglaries at the same home located at 361 Uz, south of Forestburg.
The residence of Leresa Greenwood was burglarized on July 22 with numerous household items stolen. Deputy Ryan Blackburn investigated and suggested she set up a security or game camera, especially if she is away from her home for periods of time. Greenwood followed the advice and set up a game camera, which was ready to snap the suspects and their vehicle on July 28 when they came back for burglary two.

Read the full story and how the suspect was found in the mid-week Bowie News.

5 Comments on Game camera pics help ID burglary suspect

  1. Please remove the address. The family would appreciate it. Can’t believe it got posted without permission from the family. Absolutely appalled, Bowie News.

    • The complaint is public record and provided at request by the sheriff’s office. Permission is not required from anyone for public records. Sorry if this upsets you.

      • Most people wouldn’t think to request public record for it. Just because it’s public record doesn’t mean you need to advertise every detail. But that’s cool.

  2. Yeah that’s a great idea let’s post the address to a property so more dirtbags know about it… If I was the family’s attorney I’d be filing a lawsuit if it was burglarized again. Sure it’s public record but maybe have some class.

    • You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but those residents who live nearby also need to know if there are burglars about. Those people have told me in the past they wish they had known something was happening nearby.

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