Bowie needs fiber optic internet

08/04/2016 2

Bowie needs a fiber optic Internet service. Business do more business online and they need it. It also could be a selling point to get more businesses to move in. Submitted by Wade Bullock of […]

FOOTBALL: First practices underway

08/01/2016 0

Bowie High School football players listen to coach Josh Kreger during Monday’s first-of-the-season practice at BHS. (News photo by Eric Viccaro) 

Is a Coal-Free Future Possible

08/01/2016 0

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Are we really heading for a coal-free power future in the U.S. or is this just an environmental pipe dream?                                                                         — Jack […]

Lead Contamination in City Water

07/22/2016 0

Dear EarthTalk: I find it hard to believe that Flint, Michigan is the only city or town in the U.S. with lead contamination of its water system. Has anyone looked at where else this could […]

LOCAL: Food requested for Bowie football camp

07/21/2016 0

The first date for football practice has been set for Aug. 1, as dictated by the University Interscholastic League. Bowie football parent Jennifer Clement would like to make a request. Clement said she needs help […]

Community Garden

07/07/2016 1

Pamela Neu offered an idea for the Build a Better Bowie campaign: a community garden. Her job as a social worker in this area has opened her eyes to the need for access to nutritionally […]

OUTDOORS: More CWD cases confirmed

07/07/2016 0

Thirteen new cases of chronic wasting disease were confirmed at a Medina County captive white-tailed deer breeding facility on June 29. Those were the findings of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas […]

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