Last-minute holiday shopping tips

12/13/2016 0

Holiday shopping season typically begins the day after Thanksgiving and extends all the way to Christmas Eve. While that’s a considerable amount of time for shoppers to find gifts for everyone on their shopping list, […]

Reduce waste this holiday season

11/29/2016 0

The holiday season is a time for families to gather and express their love and appreciation for one another. Exchanging gifts has become a big part of the holiday season, and while such a tradition […]

Remembering our veterans

11/03/2016 0

The men and women who defend the liberties and freedoms of the countries they represent hold a special place in people’s hearts and an eternal spot in their countries’ histories. Any opportunity is a good […]

How families can cut screen time

10/18/2016 0

No matter where you look, screens are everywhere. The proliferation of easily portable tablets and smartphones means many people, adults and children alike, are never too far from the nearest screen. While that accessibility has […]

Help your body bounce back after cancer treatment

10/18/2016 0

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take a toll on patients’ bodies. Though the side effects vary depending on the type of cancer and the treatment being administered, cancer patients may experience both […]

How to stay healthy when dining out

10/05/2016 0

Dining out is wildly popular. The convenience of letting someone else do the cooking and the opportunity to try new types of cuisine is too great to resist for many people. According to Zagat’s 2016 […]

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