Petroni enters insanity plea

Seven guilty pleas were entered in 97th District Court last week. District Attorney Casey Polhemus also was informed a November 2015 case against a woman who left her five children home alone in filthy conditions will be dismissed due to her mental status. “Jessica Petroni has been found to be insane at the time, which is a bar to prosecution,” explained Polhemus. Read the full story in your mid-week News.

5 Comments on Petroni enters insanity plea

  1. My sister saw Petroni at the Bowie Clinic, she recognized her later when she was arrested, Petroni was bragging aloud to people at the clinic about how many kids she had, and how easy it was taking care of so many young children, and how it was no problem at all handling all that responsibility, I think this is a case of gross child negligence, and a failure of the justice system, I am baffled at the out come.

  2. This is not justice for those poor babies!!
    She isn’t insane, she a piece of garbage who put cigarettes and booze above her babies having food… she WILL answer to a higher judge one day!! ?

  3. Terrible .. A dang shame I can do children like this and get by with this ..Leave a dog in the car get life and believe me I don t agree with that either..No wonder so many children are abused ..Infuriates Me

  4. I think it is bull crap she is over there hurting childern sge gets a slap on the wrist that is so wrong i feel sorry for them babies

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