Children recovering well in foster care

Bowie Police discovered five children, ages eight years to three months, alone in their home left to fend for themselves among household filth and with no food.
Bowie school officials contacted police on Sept. 25 regarding an eight-year-old boy who had not been at school for several days. School officials had called the home phone and the boy said he was home alone watching his siblings.
Lieutenant Rick Beckham and Officer Daniel Moody responded to the scene at 1202 Zahara and were shocked when they opened the front door.
“The house was completely filthy and in total disarray. There was garbage and human waste all over the house. You could literally smell the house from the street. I’ve been in dope houses that were cleaner,” explained Beckham.
The children include an eight-year-old boy, girls ages four and two, a boy age 17 months and a baby boy three months old. The three younger children were treated at Bowie Memorial Hospital for malnourishment. While police were at the home the children’s mother, Jessica Petroni came home and was arrested for endanger/abandonment of a child, criminal negligence. Read the full story in the mid-week News.