Fight sends 3 to NGH, 2 jailed

Destyne Partney
Brenon Partney

Montague County Sheriff’s deputies are attempting to sift through all the different stories coming out of fight that occurred in Nocona Hills Tuesday evening that sent several people to the hospital with fight wounds including one with serious facial injuries after he was allegedly shot with a .22 pistol.
The emergency call for a deputy came in at 8:57 p.m. for an aggravated assault in progress at 116 Pima Drive in Nocona Hills. The caller indicated there were stab wounds and a gunshot wound.
Chief Deputy Jack Lawson said Wednesday afternoon there are multiple stories coming from all the involved parties and they will have to sort through them to get the true picture of what happened.

Brenon Partney and his sister, Destyne Partney, were reportedly visiting their mother in Nocona Hills. They were accompanied by Haley York, reported to be Brenon’s girlfriend.
Lawson was told they were upset with the driving of Chris Morland who lives one home away from the Partney’s mother indicating he was driving too fast where children often played in the front yards.
“Apparently they confronted Morland, but we are not sure where it started it depends on who you talk too. Most of the fighting was in a vacant lot between the Partney home and Morland’s,” said Lawson.

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